What are we trying to do?

Why open access?

When you publish your book or chapter/journal article open access, you retain the copyright of your work. Through the creative commons licence of your choice, you can clearly state how your work can be reused. At EconSciences we want to give you the flexibility to publish your work how you want, so we can adapt to the creative commons licence that you and your funder prefer.

What is EconSciences?

Giving authors in all areas of economic sciences the opportunity to publish open access. EconSciences is portfolio of fully open access journals and books, covering all areas of economic sciences. The entire content published with EconSciences is freely accessible online immediately upon publication. 

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About our online library

Open access is an integral part of our commitment to a collaborative, inclusive and transparent world of research where authors, researchers and academic institutions can share knowledge and build on each other's work to advance outcomes.

You can easily access hundreds of Books and Thousands of Journal Articles published by EconSciences. EconPedia, which started to be published in 2023, is an Encyclopedia in the field of economics. Provides open access encyclopedia articles on EconPedia.

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EconSciences Conference 2023

Here you will see some of the Videos of our Conference to be held in December 2023. You will find all Videos on our YouTube Channel.

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It will be here in December.

Paper presentations and invited speakers...

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It will be here in December.

Paper presentations and invited speakers...

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