Frequently Asked Questions about Books

What is an Open Access Book?

Scientific Books and Journals are now mostly published as open access, so that scientific information is easily and freely available to everyone. PDF and similar versions of the full texts of the books are published by the publishers and made available to all. The books are not sold in any way, and no sales revenue is generated.

Why should I choose you?

We are an international publisher. Moreover, we publish the books of world-renowned scientists. Please see the international distribution of our published books, the biographies of our authors, and our layout quality.

In what format are the books published?

The Books we publish are published in PDF and/or e-Pub format.

Is a hard copy of the book published?

Books published in open access are published online only. Hard Copy is not printed. However, some authors may only request a very limited number of hard copies for their personal library. However, these hard copies must cover their costs and shipping costs.

Do I have to pay an open access fee?

We do not receive support from any institution or government. For these reasons, Authors are responsible for paying an open access fee for Books to be published. Open access costs are low, as we are non-profit. The open access fee of a book is determined by the volume of the book and the elements it contains such as tables, equations and graphics.

How can I get my book published?

First, contact us through the different communication channels we have created and send us a Word version of your Manuscript. Our editors will check your Manuscript for compliance with our publishing policies. Then the evaluation process (refrees) of your Manuscript begins. If it is found suitable for publication as a book (or some corrections may be requested), the Book Publication Agreement is signed. You are given a Publication Schedule for your book. At the end of this work schedule, your book will be published.

How can I participate in Editorial Books?

Editorial Books in the "Coming Soon" tab are Books in progress. You may wish to be an Editor on these books (if not yet designated).
You can also submit chapters to Editorial Books. After editorial approval and referee evaluations, your paper will be published as a chapter.
For both processes, please contact us.

May I suggest a new Editorial Book?

You can form a scientific team together with your friends and colleagues. This team will identify a Book Topic and let us know. Both team members and other authors may submit chapters to this book. The papers that are found suitable as a result of the evaluations of the Editor and the Referee are published as chapters.
If you have a Book Topic you are considering working on and a team of at least 5 people, please contact us.

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You can reach us through three frequently used communication channels.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Journals

Can I participate in the academic processes of your journals?

We are not currently accepting applications for the Editorial Board of our journals. However, for members who leave the Editorial Board at the end of each year, we may accept new members.

You can contribute to our journals as a Referee. For this, you need to log in to the Journal web page and register as a "Referee". During this registration, you must specify your academic specialties (for example, "economic growth").

What is the approximate publication time of a paper?

After Editorial review (approximately 2 weeks) and Peer review (approximately 6 weeks) for a paper, a decision is made in about 2 months.

A paper accepted for publication is published in the first issue following the Accept decision. Our journals are published 4 issues a year, in March, June, September and December.

What is the history and publication frequency of the journals?

6 Our Academic Journal has been published regularly since 2014. Our Journals are published quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Do I have to pay an open access fee?

Authors are obliged to pay 100 USD for each article accepted for publication. For papers longer than 40 pages, including appendices, the open access fee may increase.

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You can reach us through three frequently used communication channels.
Whatsapp: In the lower left corner of our website.
Chat: In the lower right corner of our website.