Sırma Sönmezer

Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

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Publishing Date: July 15, 2018
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The main purpose of this study is to understand the impact of age on work values, organizational commitment and work centrality. In this respect, it is hypothezied that there are differences in work values, organizational commitment, and work centrality among age groups. In addition, therelationship of organizational commitment with work values, and work centrality in different age groups is explored. The study was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey with the participation of 935 university graduate, corporate white-collar employees of large companies in Istanbul. In-depth interviews were conducted for the qualitative stage and a web-based survey was administered for the quantitative stage of data collection. An important contribution of this study is the emic items identified for the Turkish work context. These emic itemsare suggested to be incorporatedtowork values inventory for future research. The results indicateddifferences in work values, and organizational commitment levels among different age groups as well as changes among age groups in the level of importance of work. It was confirmed that there is a relationship between work values and organizational commitment, and between work centrality and organizational commitment. The results of the study also showed that work values differ according to gender.
1. Literature Review
Age and Career Development
Age Factor in Organizational Studies
Work Values
Age and Work Values
Organizational Commitment
Work Centrality
Age and Work Centrality
The Relationship of Organizational Commitment with Work Values and Work Centrality


2. Methodology

Work Values
Quantitative Stage
Organizational Commitment
Work Centrality
Data Analysis
3. Findings
Reliability Analysis of the Scales
Factor Analysis of the Scales
Factor Analysis of Work Values
Factor Analysis of Organizational Commitment
Factor Analysis of Work Centrality
Analysis of Variance for Age
Work Values – ANOVA for Age
Organizational Commitment – ANOVA for Age
Work Centrality – ANOVA Test for Age
Test of Relations among Work Values, Organizational Commitment and Work Centrality
Additional Analysis – Gender Differences in Work Values
Ranking of Work Valuesfor Gender
4. Discussion
Conceptual Structure of Work Values
Age and Work Values
Conceptual Structure of Organizational Commitment
Age and Organizational Commitment
Age and Work Centrality
The Relations between Work Values, Organizational Commitment, and Work Centrality
Age and Gender
Practical Implications
Limitations and Further Research



Sırma Sönmezer

Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

Dr. Sirma Sonmezer graduated with a B.A. degree in Sociology from Bogazici University; a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Istanbul Technical University. She obtained her Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management from Istanbul Bilgi University. She worked at local and international companies throughout her career. She is currently a freelance market researcher and business consultant. She lives in Istanbul and London. She is an animal lover.


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