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Believing in the free dissemination of scientific knowledge, the EconSciences Community is an academic publisher of open access Journals and Books. EconSciences, which carries out Academic Publishing activities in the field of economic sciences (Economics, Business, Management, Administration, Econemetry, Statistics, Finance, etc.), started its publishing activities for the first time in 2014 by publishing the “Journal of Economics and Political Economy”.

Again in 2014, 5 more academic journals started to be published. Thus, since 2014, 6 academic journals, all of which are open access, continue to be published.


In 2018, academic book publishing in the field of economics started again. About 120 Books have been published since 2018. Each of these books is open access and researchers can freely download, read and share.


Thus, since 2014, 6 academic journals, all of which are open access, continue to be published.

Journal of Economics and Political Economy

Journal of Economics Library

Turkish Economic Review

Journal of Economic and Social Thought

Journal of Economics Bibliography

Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences


In 2023, the EconSciences Society, which expanded its open science activities by using new technologies, started to publish the “Encyclopedia of Economic Sciences”. All Encyclopedia articles are written by academics who are experts in their fields and have at least a doctorate degree. The encyclopedia is expanding day by day and continues to grow, supported by the results of empirical studies as well as theoretical items.

Conference (ESC)

In December 2023, work continues to organize the “Economic Sciences Conference”. This Conference is intended to be held annually on a regular basis.

All these academic activities are supported by academics from all over the world. EconSciences continues to grow with the support of academics around the world. For this reason, EconSciences has made use of all the new technologies, but has gained the support of more scientists.

Economics Bibliograpy (EconBib)

In 2015, an open access database named EconBib, which indexes more than 500 open access journals publishing in the field of Economics, was created. He made all the articles in this database available to researchers.

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