Hrabrin Bachev

Institute of Agricultural Economics, Bulgaria

Shengquan Che

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Svetla Yancheva

Agricultural University-Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Publishing Date: December 15, 2018
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Around the globe, revitalization of agrarian and rural sector is one of the most topical issues for farmers, agrarian and rural communities, interest groups, researchers, investors, policymakers, and the public at large.
In China and Bulgaria there are numerous publications on individual issues of agrarian and rural revitalization and sustainable development. Despite enormous progress in the theory and practice in that important new area, there are few comprehensive studies on the entire spectrum of agrarian and rural revitalization issuesin these two countries, and on their interactions with public policies, private and collective strategies and forms, market and technological development, social and communities’ dynamics, etc. What is more, there are no join and comparative studies on Chinese and Bulgarian experiences, despite quite similar historical development, fundamental transformation and modernization in the last several decades, and alike socio-economic and environmental challenges at current stage of development.
This book is the result of an on-going research cooperation of the teams from the leading academic institutions in China and Bulgaria such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, Communication University of China in Beijing, Institute of Agricultural Economics in Sofia, Agrarian University in Plovdiv, and University of National and World Economy in Sofia.
Our motivation in writing this book is to respond to the theoretical and practical needs for modern understanding and assessment of the agrarian and rural revitalization and sustainable development issues in China and Bulgaria. We extend our previous research in that area, incorporating recent developments in the field, and identifying the major achievements and challenges of sustainable agrarian and rural development, analyzing evolution and modernization of major sectors of agrarian and rural economy, and presenting key governance and technological innovations in agri-food and rural sectorin both countries. Our ultimate goal is to assist the general awareness of agrarian and rural revitalization issues in China and Bulgaria, withdraw lessons from the positive experiences of both countries, and support public policies, and private and collective strategies and actions for sustainable development.
The research presented here follows the requirements of academic precision, while the findings are presented in an easily understandable manner in order to reach a large audience of researchers, educators, students, experts, farmers, businessmen, administrators, policymakers, professionals, non-governmental and international organizations, and the public at large.
We would like to express our gratitude to many colleagues of different disciplines and institutions who contributed to this work. We also wish to thank the numerous national and local funding agencies which financially supported our research and the cooperation between our teams such as China Ministry of Science and Technology, Bulgarian National Fund, etc. We appreciate the great job done by Ms. Kremena Gorcheva who provided technical assistance preparing this manuscript. Without all these contributions, this study would not have been completed and this book written.
Finally, we are enormously grateful to KSP Books for giving us this extraordinary opportunity to present our work to a larger international audience.
Part 1.
Achievement and Challenges of Sustainable Agrarian and Rural Development
Policies, achievements and challenges of sustainable agricultural development in China
Evaluation of rural landscape recreation quality in metropolis: Case study in Shanghai
Zhijie YANG, & Ange LIANG
Tourism factors and rural development in Bulgaria
Bozhidar IVANOV, Hrabrin BACHEV, Dilyana MITOVA,
Research on the landscape of Shanghai rural settlements
Zhijie YANG, & Yuyu DU
Study on the spatial structure of Shanghai urban agriculture tourism
Ling WANG, Xiao LIU, & Anze LIANG
The level and factors of sustainability of farming enterprises in Bulgaria
Hrabrin BACHEV
Part 2.
Modernization of Major Sectors of Agrarian and Rural Economy
Grape breeding in China
Jiang LU, & Yu GAO
History, challenge and opportunity of grape wine in China
Yu GAO, & Jiang IU
Current development of the viticulture and wine industry in Bulgaria
Lybka KOLEVA, Adelina HARIZANOVA, Desislava TOTEVA, Svetla YANCHEVA, & Hristina YANCHEVA
Aromatic oil cropsProductionin Bulgaria-traditionsand development
Mariana PETKOVA, Nurettin TAHSIN, Svetla YANCHEVA, & Hristina YANCHEVA
The regional system – A basis for rural development within the borders of the European Union
Part 3.
Governance and Technological Innovations in Agri-food and Rural Sector
Bioremediation secondary salinization soil by a novel isolated strain Bacillus Megaterium NCT-2 and its nitrate assimilation related enzymes
Dan ZHANG, Shaohua CHU, Weiwei SHI, & Pei ZHOU
Effects of inhaling ylang-ylang essential oil on anxiety, social interaction and sleep behaviors in Mice
Nan ZHANG, Lei YAO, & Linyin FENG
The straw organic Fertilizer workshop in the container: Research and application of integrated technology for distributed straw cleaning and fertilizer fermentation
Dan ZHANG, Haiwei FENG, Jie FENH, Minglei YU, & Pei ZHOU
A new look on agricultural sustainability and food safety: Economic viability
Circular economy and wastewater governance: Challenges to the agriculture in Bulgaria
Agricultural sustainability through provision of agri-environment public goods: The role of farmers as decision-makers
Kristina TODOROVA, & Ralitsa TERZIYSKA

Hrabrin Bachev

Institute of Agricultural Economics, Bulgaria

Ph.D in Economics, Agricultural Academy, Sofia. M.Sc in Agricultural and Industrial Economics, University of Economics, Sofia. Researcher and teaching at University of Missouri, Columbia, USA; University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada; Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan; Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan; Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, National Agriculture Research Center, Tsukuba, Japan; Birkbeck College of London University, London, United Kingdom; Catholic University of Louvain, Leuvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; INRA, Montpellier, France; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. More than 300 academic papers, contributions to books and books in 40 countries of Europe, North America and Asia. Incorporating the new developing interdisciplinary New Institutional and Transaction Cost Economics (combining Economics, Organization, Law, Sociology, Political and Behavioral Sciences) into agrarian and food sector to analyze diverse modes of governance (market, private, public, hybrid, formal, informal, local, regional, transnational), and factors and prospects of institutional and organizational modernization in agri-food sector. Recent research focusing on governance and assessment of agrarian and rural sustainability; analysis of agrarian and rural institutions, organizations and contracts; environmental and risk governance, food security and food chain management; assessment of impacts of EU and national policies and programs; management and agrarian research and innovation, etc. Extensive consultancy and contribution to a great number of policy assistance projects carried out by the Government, UN FAO, EU, OECD, NATO, WB, IIED etc. Co-founder, and the first Executive Secretary and Vice-President of the Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Economists, MC member of COST IS1001 Bio-objects, and a member of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, and International Association of Agricultural Economics.

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